Sunday, 23 June 2013

Desire for Bangs this summer

For some reason, my brain just will NOT quit with the desire to get a full fringe this summer. Having seen this on so many celebrities such as Lea Michelle, Rihanna, Beyonce & The Kardashian sisters Kourtney & Kim.
I still cannot kick the habit of wanting one so bad. Yet I still darent take the plunge & take a trip to the hair dressers?!?
Usually if I cannot stop thinking about something, it bugs the life out of me until I finally say to myself that enough is enough & I give in to my desire.
I am so particular about my hair after years of supporting the posh bob. Its taken me 2 years to get it at mid length, although I have the undying dream of long kardashian locks I am not much closer to that either.
I usually go through phases where I want to change everything & this is definitely one of those phases. Having just slapped on the ombre kit & created a summer dip dye look, you'd think I'd be satisfied.
C'mon be honest when are we EVER satisfied, as a species us ladies are NEVER happy image wise.
(I blame the media..dont you?)

So after months of buggin my friends with the endless questions of should I? shouldn't I?
my mums definitely worn out with the idea, she no longer cares..
So iv resorted to asking you lovely lot. After all you love eat, live & breathe beauty, fashion & hair
like me!
My lovely friend I quote said
"What do you want bangs for it's not 2008!?"

My little confession is I have had bangs before.
But when I had them last time although I loved them, I was told they made me look younger & didn't suit me as much as having a middle parting did.
(But everyones got a middle parting these days..)

Heres the picture of me with the bangs in full swing!
I am wearing extensions here, this was throughout the stage of growing out the lovely bob. I have also lost a lot of weight & I have a much slimmer face now & I am dying to give this look another go..
Here is a close up!

What do you reckon?

Should I bring back the Bangs?

Should I keep the on trend middle parting?

Is change good?