Sunday, 21 July 2013

Supporting a hint of Aztec print

As you know money burns a hole in my pocket...
with the summer sales in full swing I literally could not resist popping into one of my favorite shops.. 

Under normal circumstances, I genuinely find New Look a very hit & miss kind of shop, sometimes I go in & want the entire shop (this is usually when I've no pennies!) & others I go in & theres nothing at all... 
BUT ... this time it was a successful trip & I bagged a BARGAIN too.
which definitely put a spring in my step! 
With my festival wardrobe soon to be making an appearance at Leeds Festival this year, Iv been searching for a few new bits to take along with me. As festival fashion & style is becoming more & more popular, Im gonna try my best to keep glamourous as much as I can at Leeds 2013!

I was just browsing along the sale section & stumbled across this beautiful Aztec crop top for a small fortune of... 

I adore the colours this print has, it's so girly & beautiful, I decided it would be perfect to pull out the pink in the top & wear it with my favorite MAC limited edition pink lipstick "Embrace Me" -£15! Which is brought to you in Mac's fashionista set which was released earlier this year

(Heres a close up of me wearing the lipstick, with my best pout for you ladies!)

I think iv mentioned this lipstick before click here ... FASHIONISTA SET REVIEW
to find out how this set has got to be my all time favorite limited edition set!
Mac NEED to bring this back!

I love how this top could be worn casual with a cute pair of denim shorts or under a quirky dungaree, which is definitely how ill be supporting it at the festival.. rain or shine!
(more than likely rain!)

But for the time being, I am loving this heatwave & taking advantage of showcasing my tan & indeed my bronzed mid riff, I decided to rock this beauty up town this weekend. I teamed it up with a classic Topshop black cotton "Skater Skirt" these are around £18, A cheeky little gold & black belt from Primark £2 & some black wedges with gold buckles from New Look £25
(I love New Look for shoes!)


I was surprised how glamorous this actually turned out, I love pieces that can be worn for casual & going out, such a diverse bargain piece! I loved wearing this, I felt it was both girly, glamorous & cheeky all at once, it just did the trick for a spur of the moment night out!
Will you be raiding New Look's Sale?

Are you slowly planning a festival wardrobe?

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