Sunday, 7 July 2013


Yes ladies your eyes are not deceiving you. Its July & summer has FINALLY kicked in. It was as much to my surprise as it is yours, that after the years of "Heatwave" rumors on the weather report. Britain's been smashed right at the peek of the summer season with ... A HEATWAVE!

For anyone like myself who isn't lucky enough to be jet setting this year, this is beyond ideal. 
(Unfortunately I will be missing 90% of the sunshine, stuck inside my second home.. M&S)
Never the less sunshine instantly lifts everyones moods & a happy customer, makes an easy life.
(I love observing everyones bright & interesting British summer wardrobe!)
We can FINALLY get out our bikini's, short shorts, playsuits, dresses, maxi skirts, sunglasses, oversized sun hats & sun-cream!!

I have been itching to get my sunbathe on & finally today being sunday
(The day of rest.. so to speak!)
I definitely did that. I rested up in my favorite candy stripped bikini. I got out my towel & plonked on the grass. I felt just like I was laid on a less glamourous version of central park.
(Check out my cute green nails, Loving green this year, so on trend!)

The first step to tanning anywhere is sun protection. I swear by Piz Buin, yes it is always on the pricey side coming in at around £8.74. But we all know it's the time of the year where Boots are giving us a little something back for going through the summer look ordeal. They are offering a cheeky 'Buy one get one half price' promotion which in this heat we should definitely take advantage of!!

I get a head start at this tanning business, as I naturally have an 'Olive' skin tone. I only have to so much as look at the sun & I'm brown.
(Sorry to brag ladies...)
So I always use a factor 15 & then I naughtily work my way down to as low as factor 6. Im also partial to a cheeky bit of tanning oil. But I'm not going to that extreme in the UK.

With a long day of sunbathing ahead, keeping ice cold water on hand, to stay hydrated. I always like to have my iPod handy, I love getting lost in the world of music. Gives me the chance to totally feel ultimately relaxed, today's sunbathing soundtrack.. was Ministry Of Sounds Marbella Sessions 2013.
This killer summer soundtrack is available for download on iTunes for a small fortune of £9.99

I promise you, that you wont regret this purchase, perfect for sunbathing, perfect for any holiday you've got on the horizon or perfect for getting you hyped up for your Saturday night on the town!

I am definitely feeling a health kick at the moment, The sunshine just makes me want to eat clean. I cant bare a sticky melted chocolate bar on a hot day. I am loving apples at the minute. 
(An apple a day keeps the doctor away...)
Spending a lot of my breaks when working down at Trinity Leeds local 'Juice' bar. I decided to pick up some smoothies. After all there's nothing more refreshing in the baking heat than an ice cold smoothie.
Today's smoothie choice was Strawberry & Banana..
(Who knows how adventurous ill be tomorrow!)

Get yourselves down to ASDA & give in to your smoothie craving, there's loads of flavors, I'm sure one will tickle your fancy. They're a bargain £1.00! Thats asda price... so they say!

The long hair dilemma...
As much as I adore my medium-long brown head of hair, in the summer any girl with long will agree it's a nightmare! You get hot & sweaty so much faster & the heat defies any amount of hairspray you layer on, so styling is a definite waste of time.
Especially when sunbathing, there's no other way than to rock the scrapped back top knot look. I shoved mine up high today, placing my sunglasses at the top of my head, just handy for my summer afternoon read.
The beauty of hair styling at the moment, is the messy look. So you can literally throw your hair back as roughly as you want & still look fabulous. even when bits stray away you're covered with the on trend "messy" vibe.

Speaking of my afternoon read....
On holiday I transform in to a total bookworm. But having no desire to read off my iPad. I popped to the shop to get my fashion & lifestyle fix from my favorite Cosmopolitan mag.
I think the idea of reading from an iPad or a kindle is great, but I'm a traditional girl & I love a good paper back book!

I picked up the August 2013 edition for a smalll fortune of £3.60
For me personally I have to have something to occupy my mind when I start to feel the boredom strain of laying around doing nothing all day...
(I know hard life of a sun worshiper ey!)

After that long...HARD.. day of sunbathing!
Its so important to keep your skin moisturized in general, but even more so after being in the sun, as your skins been exposed to levels of UV.
We all know that this little secret prolongs & enhances our tan anyway, we all have the desire for that sun kissed look. Lets face it you always feel better when you're glowing from a sun kissed holiday.
I will be lathering up in this beautiful smelling coco lotion, brought to you from Vaseline! This product comes in at a BARGAIN £2.99
I love 'Vaseline Intensive Moisture' for everyday, I switch up to this 'Coco Radiant' version for summer.
I adore the smell of coco butter, it gives me an instant holiday throwback. This baby spreads quite easily, 
"a little goes a long way"
is the perfect way to describe this product. It has a gorgeous smell & gives your skin an instant glow.  This product has a hint of aloe vera, which does wonders for the moisture of our skin!!

I tend to go a little crazy with bright colours in the summer for my nails, I love colour clashing my outfits with bright statement nails, I tend to wear colours that are abit out there, like green, copper, acid yellow & teal. Swaying away from anything too typically girly. 


These 9 shades will tie you over very nicely this summer. I love sassing things up with a hint of glitter, I always have Miss Sporty 'Sparkle Touch' handy, for a bargain £1.99. this glitter looks insane over blues or golds! Another more pricey glitter I like the use is Models Own Hedkandi 'Ibiza Mix' brought to you from the brands collaboration with clubbing superstars 'Hedkandi' for £5.00 
I have already told that I've fallen head over heels for the Barry M Gelly collection, coming in at £3.99. Im slowly collecting all the shades.. oops! I have also picked up a nude, off white shade from the Gelly range, as this nail trend is very popular at the minuet. 
Lastly the Models Own's  'Neons' collection. they're perfect for the summer & have a unusual Matte finish. they're very statement when applied!
These are all selling like hot cakes, get to your local Boots now!

Too much sun can result in sun burn for even us olive toned girls!!!
Pass me the cooling aftersun lotion with Aloe Vera.
(Guess thats what I get for being over indulgent)
After preaching about how I "never burn" to my Aunty, its typical that I did today! Never mind, a few coats of aftersun & 48 hours that redness will be all brown!!

This 'HEAT WAVE' is set to stay for at least a fortnight, I will definitely enjoy rocking my summer wardrobe. I think a Primark Haul maybe in order to find a killer bargain oversized sun hat & maybe a trip to my local Waterstones for a summer read .. who knows!
I'll keep you guys posted as always!



Are you loving the arrival of the 'Heat wave'?

How will you be spending these hot days?

Are you gonna check out any of the summer nail polishes available this season? 

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