Saturday, 29 June 2013

Finally Giving In

For anyone that read my older post about not being able to beat the desire for BANGS this summer..
There comes a time where after listening to many people saying "go for it
"no, DONT it's so last year"
That you have to make a strong woman decision.
I am horrendous at making decisions....


After listening to my true soul mate.. also known as my best friend
Abi Hylton.
She's been pushing the bangs fever on me for about 4 months.
Enough is enough already!!

Today I woke up feeling quite adventurous
I was popping down into Leeds anyway & walking past salons still toying with the idea...
Theres something about hairdressers I love. Whether it be the chatty stylists or the crazy gowns. 
I decided to bite the bullet & GO for it.
After all change is good.
Well I am a firm believer that change is always essential if we didn't spice things up every now & again life would be very boring.

After posting about me wanting them, I felt it would only be fair to share the finish result with you.

I LOVE the fringe, totally the right decision. 

What do you guys think?

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