Thursday, 20 June 2013

Kicking Studio Fix into touch.

For years I have been a loyal user of the foundation brought to you by MAC Cosmetics.
Which goes by the name of  'Studio Fix'.
Which comes in at the price of £20.50
(Anyone remember when this treasure was £19.50?)
This foundation I personally think is the most used foundation by MAC especially when people are looking for an affordable foundation brought to you from a counter.
Rather then heading down the Boots or Superdrug, us ladies are very particular on what we put on our face. 
After all it's your daily canvas for you to paint everyday.
If you're anything like me, once iv found a brand I like I tend to stick to it.
(It's like being in a relationship... with mac)  
However like all great love tragedies. 
Me & Studio Fix foundation have decided it was time to call it a day.

Studio Fix Fluid comes with SPF 15 protection.
I wore this product in NC37.
I found that this foundation was quite a thick based product. With summer in full swing I decided to take a trip down to the MAC Counter & see if they could offer me anything more lightweight.
I had found whilst wearing Studio Fix in hot weather it would often go patchy on my face & require daily touch ups even with a primer.
Although this product did give a flawless finish & I would recommend this product if you're after something that will cover skin imperfections easily. Or you're after a foundation for a night out that will  last for a good few hours.
Then this is definitely worth having, just bare in mind you have to always have this swimming in your handbag!

Even toying with the idea of having a try of Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation & reading loads of reviews & blogs on the product saying it does exactly what it says on the tin
However when I took a sneaky peek at this product it seemed to have a thick consistency as well
I couldnt cheat on MAC im far too faithful..

So I was recommended Mac's "Pro-Long Wear Foudation"
Which comes in at the slightly higher price of £24.00
(Not a huge price difference, I figured it was worth the risk..)
With the promise I could wear this all day & it would withstand anything I threw at it.
So far it's proving itself to me.

Pro-Long Wear comes with an SPF of 10, slightly lower than Studio Fix but luckily for me this is Britain & We do not often see much sun.
I picked up this in shade NC35. Which is surprising since Ive been wearing NC37 for years. But this definitely suited me a lot more 
Complete with it's own pump, this product has more than won me over.
Its very lightweight consistency means you literally need no more than 2 pumps for a full face even coverage.
It has quite a runny texture & is very easy to spread evenly with your favorite applicator brush!
This is the product when applied on my skin tone.
This literally does last all day & Im not just saying that, it really surprised me. I am left with a flawless finish at  both the start & the end of the day.
I have often had customers ask me what foundation I'm wearing whilst at work.
Even on the areas that tend to sweat if its a little sticky outside or you have a bust air-conditioning unit...
(like we work!)
This product is literally indestructible  

I also team this up with a 'Select Sheer' pressed powder.
Which comes in at the price of £20.00
This product has a very translucent texture, it does have a slight colouring to it to blend in with your foundation. I picked up this in shade NC40, which is a few tones darker than my foundation. It gives me slightly more colour, I have a very red undertone across the T section of my face, which is hard to cover with just foundation.
 However I only tend to use a few dabs of this on the sponge that comes with the product simply for the matte finish it gives my skin.
It also helps keep my foundation set in place for the day.

(Notice the very subtle difference?) 

For me this product works a lot more than Studio Fix & in my eyes Pro-Long Wear is a very underestimated MAC secret.
I am totally converted to this foundation now, I will be re-purchasing it time & time over.
Since using the product the improvement to my skin has been evidently obvious too. I have received a lovely clear up of blemishes.
(Which is good for all us ladies, no-one likes a cracking spot! ..YIKES)
It withstands any crazy night out you've got or any tough day at the office.


Will you be throwing your foundation away for some Pro-Long Wear?

Will this withstand your wild lifestyle?

Pop down to your local counter & ask the lovely assistants for a tester pot.
See if 'Pro Long Wear' can handle anything you throw at it.
I'll be very surprised if you don't fall head over heels for this lightweight beauty!