Saturday, 15 June 2013

Monthly Bargain Quest.

With everything else us ladies are stereotypically known for, we ultimately cannot resist a bargain. 
& believe you me ladies.. Junes done me proud!

After trailing the internet searching for a new bag. I literally thought I had my heart set on a bright orange 'tote bag' from Zara.
Unfortunately there was more chance of handcuffing myself to a ghost than getting my hands on that bargain it comes in £22.99 which is amazing value for Zara.

This is definitely still extremely high on my wish list!

However, like every true fairy-tale of a shopper.. there was a happy ending! I was strolling through the Trinity Leeds shopping centre, scouting in and out of shop windows like I usually do.
(Earphones in..Beyonce on loud..)

I took a sneak peak into the Mango window & there was huge savings on handbags.
The bag I currently have is a Nude Mango bag, to be fair it's seen its better days. I decided to treat myself. 
(as the saying goes.. out with the old.. in with the new!)

This year iv gone completely out of my comfort zone & done away with the typical Tan bag & typical monochrome clash up of black & white on a daily basis
But i'm definitely a mucky pup & often do not trust myself with white.

But when I caught this little beauty off the shelf, there was no way I was leaving the store without it.

(I know it's white & I'm still stuck in the monochrome clash..
But it's perfect for summer..well a British summer that is)

I managed to pick this up with Up to 50% off! Which made it 19.99!
& It's real leather
It has a really soft texture, BUT the handles don't feel overly sturdy so ill be watching the amount of junk I have swimming in here. 
(Too much weight in this baby could be a disaster)

I love anything studded & for me this ticks all the boxes. 
It comes with a off grey lining & has the classic Mango branding on the inside. Which I prefer i'm very particular about branded products and often sway away from anything that's heavily branded
There is one down side to this lovely bargain. The lining seems to leave lovely little white balls all over my clothes. 
(Note to self do not throw work uniform in there..)

(My lush primarni socks!)

There you have it.. my June Bargain! 

I'm still after my Orange handbag fix.
Will I manage to.. as Pharrel Williams would say "get lucky?"
What do you reckon?