Sunday, 16 June 2013

Orange Fever.

Someone call a Doctor because I'm definitely suffering from "Orange Fever"..
It's one of the hot on trend colours for this summer is Orange, along with the amazing neon colours that have been taking the highstreet by storm.
However Orange seems to have me hooked.
OF COURSE.. MAC decided to release a complete Orange collection.. obviously called..

This Limited Edition bundle was NOT to be missed, although there was 7 new shades & I literally was very close to having them all, I decided to think logically ..
(for once)
Narrowed it down to 2.. well 3 in the end..oops!
Neon Orange, Sushi Kiss & Tart'N'Trendy

After wanting Morange for months I held out for the All about orange collection & it was worth the wait.

The first colour that caught my eye was Neon Orange. Iv been waiting for a bright orange lipstick to team up with a bronzed Eye
(Using my Naked Urban Decay pallet)
For an ultimate summer look.
Neon Orange is highly pigmented a nourishing orange & a high red underlay tone.
Everyone's natural lip colouring differs so this shade can sway to looking more orange on some individuals than others. 
This Shade is from the Amplified range, It's hard wearing & long lasting, stays in place.. even after eating. 

The second shade I got my hands on was Tart'n'Trendy. I had to have both of these shades, they're very similar, but I'm very bad at making decisions..
(when in doubt... always get both!)

Tart'n'Trendy is part of MAC's Lustre range. I don't have many shades in this range as I find it's quite sticky when applied on the lips. However this shades surprised me & It's not sticky at all.
It's not as hard wearing as Neon Orange, but it looks great, it has the upper hand because it's more of a pale shade & when applied on any natural lip you are guaranteed an high pigmented orange summery lipstick, that will compliment any skin tone.

Lastly.. Sushi Kiss..
I actually left the MAC counter without this shade & after my best friend buying it, I couldnt resist it & I had to go back for it..
Luckily I was having a clear out & I came across 6 MAC empties. 
So this little beauty didn't even cost me one penny!!
It's definitely a peachy orange & is really similar to MAC's once limited edition released 'Real Sexy'
This shade is part of the Satin range, which is without a doubt one of my favorite MAC finishes.
It really compliments any skin tone, but looks particularly striking when applied with a bronzed look.
(get out that fake tan mitt ladies!)
(Sushi Kiss & Abi is wearing MAC's Diva)

This shade was well worth the trip back for, Id say it's my favorite one out of the entire collection. Its perfect for both day time wear & a glamourous night out.


Will my orange obsession ever quit?
Did you manage to get your hands on any of the All About Orange collection?