Thursday, 27 June 2013

What's In My Bag?

So for all you people watches & nosy folk out there..
(like myself..)
I am going to reveal a woman's BIGGEST secret. 
Yes you guessed it.
The contents of my handbag.

Of course everyone always carries half of their life around with them day in day out in their tote handbags. Big bags are taking the highstreet by storm this season. 
We all know why! Simply so we can fill them to the brim.
Whether you're cramming your bag with secret shopping purchases, your daily essentials, your favorite 'on the go' hair  products or your must have gadgets. 
A tote bag is PERFECT for throwing all your stuff in to keep you going throughout the day.

I am currently carrying my life around in my favorite bag ever.
(This baby traveled air miles)
 I am currently supporting my New York Macy's bag.
I picked up this little beauty in NYC last year. which might I add was the best holiday ever.
This trip was every glamourous chicks dream, everything in New York is fabulous! If you haven't been get putting that copper away in your savings jar & book yourself a flight! 

I picked up this gorgeous BIG Macy's tote bag for around $30
(Don't quote me, it was a long while ago & I shamefully cannot remember!)
So like I once did in the Big Apple, I throw this baby over my shoulder & strut my way down Briggate everyday. Not quite as glamourous as Fifth Avenue, However whenever Ive got this bag I do feel very Carrie Bradshaw.
(Shhh, shes my inner Ego)

So the real question is what have I got hiding in this New York tote treasure?
The question is what HAVEN'T I got in this bag?!

I know this is definitely a tidied up version of my bags contents.
I always tend to have a pair of shoes in bag, trailing to work everyday in dolly shoes in Britain is risky business, due to our freak weather. Therefore where there's a will there's a way!
I always have my favorite black comfy pumps to hand. These are so in need of a refresh. But they're my lucky driving shoes & until I pass they can continue to look scruffy.. Theses are Authentic Vans Low Pro pumps. They're priced at around £39.99 
Schuh offer student discount so grab that card & save your student pennies! 

Along with any shoes floating around definitely comes a pair of socks right?
I always tend to have a pair of what m&s would call Footsie socks.
They're PERFECT for under dolly shoes, they only go round your toes & heels perfect for hiding away under your shoes & beating the hot clammy feet this summer
(Its stupidly hot where I work, Iv forgotten what air-conditioning is?)

(Yes look at my white legs, I am DESPERATE need of hitting the tanning mitt. 
check out the tiny tattoo..)

I picked up these little lovelies from Primark, they're not a high denier and are very light weight & comfy.
they come in two sizes 3-5 or 6-8 catering for all us ladies. 
They come in at £1.30
They're seamless which makes them easy to pull on & theres no annoying seams digging in your feet. & they come with 'ActiFresh' technology to keep your tootsies cool.

The next thing I tend to find swimming in my handbag is this weeks & day's nail & lip look. This week im feeling all hot under the collar with coral nails & bright lipstick, the gorgeous sunshine has disappeared so im trying to bring some summer sun to my work place, brightening the place up with summery lipsticks paired up with a killer smile & my must have Barry M Gelly polish 'Passion Fruit'
Today is a Thursday & I fancied going Pink today for the lips. So swimming in my bag is 
MAC's Viva Glam Nicki
The nail polish comes in at £3.99 please check out my 'Junes Boots Cosmetics Must Haves' post for a full review of how this Barry M finish has left me weak & wanting more. Such a high end finish to a bargain product, fallen for this finish this year.

My MAC lovely lippy comes in at £14.00 as usual, this is part of the Viva Glam range brought to you by female rapper Nicki Minaj

This is the killer combo together, after all iv got to bring some glam to my lovely green M&S uniform. Cant leave my inner diva at home!

Also swimming at the bottom of my bag is 3 other popular summer shades iv been rocking this week
(Right) Neon Orange, (Middle) Heroine (Left) Tart N Trendy.
All three of these gorgeous colours come from MAC's limited edition sets & are now sold out. Im not surprised these are probably my 3 favorite summer lipsticks. 
All priced at £14.00 as usual.

Next on my list is my soul capturing iPod, I like to call her Polly!
'Polly Pod'

I literally cannot leave my house without this gadget, a bus journey without my music blaring is soul destroying. My ipod literally contains everything from Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B to 90's, Pop, Rock, Motown, Soul & Indie.
Whatever your tastes I definitely can cater for it.
you know me im a die hard Beyonce fan & I literally start every shuffle playlist on some Queen B track, this moment I cannot get enough of Grown Woman. B hasnt released this yet & I need to stop, playing the pepsi advert on repeat just doesnt compare.

I was lucky enough to get this Black Classic iPod for christmas, but they usually come in around £200 & have a whopping 160GB so fill your boots till your ears are bursting with all things music.

My hair always drives me wild on a daily basis, I always have a quick hair remedy treatment in my bag, consisting of an XXL Batiste dry shampoo, flat hair is my pet HATE I literally cannot do with sleek hair it just does NOT suit me. 
(I wish I could pull off the sleek Kardashian look!)

This dry shampoo definitely does what it says on the tin & gives you that extra boost along with that just washed look for anyone who loves that volumised look definitely give this a try. You can pick it up from your local Boots or Superdrug for around £3.99

Always have grips & bobbles handy for when I get a stress on, you know I mean business when the hairs scrapped back either that or iv got up late...oops!
I always have a backcombing brush to hand for volume at my roots. I picked this cute pink one up at Primark for £1.00

While were on all things hair I always also have my hairspray handy, this week I am trailing Loreal's Elnett 'Cat Walk Look' limited edition spary. I will post a full review after a few days use.
This comes in at £6.60 for a HUGE can!
This months fragance of the minute is definitely 'Lady Million
I am still fighting hard to find a daily dupe perfume of this, the quest continues...
I adore this perfume such a lovely long lasting smell, people constantly comment on it. You ladies will definitely know, this perfume stole the limelight last year & is storming on through this year too!
an average ml bottle comes in around £45+

All things Teddy B.
I am a lover of Ted Baker & I am currently chasing an iPad Mini case so I can protect it when it's swimming in my bag on a daily basis. Still on my orange fever obsession, which is swaying towards coral.
I have my Teddy B purse, in a coral colour. I treated myself to this baby almost 2 years ago with my first full time wage! 
I picked this up for £65.00 was well worth the investment, it's lasted me ages. its crammed full of loyalty cards & coins. I think a bigger Teddy B is on the cards.
(Ive seen a New York skyline one with my name on it!!!)

I also always have my little cosmetic Ted Baker pouch on me, supporting my hair bobbles, grips, choice of lipstick for the day, & nail polish.
This totally cute baby pink & yellow beauty is brought to you by Ted Baker at Boots, so it's such a bargain & comes in around £15-£20

Of course with all this make up floating around a cute compact mirror is esential
with my mother being a die hard M&S goer, one christmas I was lucky enough to open my very own 
 compact mirror.
(yes you did read that right, percy pig has his own compact mirror!)

despite the sheer embarrassment of whipping this out in public, how cute is it?!
I think little Percy comes in at around £3.50 at christmas time.
(Bet you cant wait till December now, can you?)

Also the contents of my bag include my work badge & card, i'm a total workaholic.
I work almost everyday, I am so money motivated & I enjoy working hard to earn my pennies..
which I blow within seconds down at the MAC Counter.

Supporting my tape measure for all things Bra Fitting whilst on the job!

I mentioned earlier that I carry my iPad Mini with me daily, Im terrible at keeping track of things & I use this as a diary really, I use the notes pages to write creative messages & old cliches for myself to live by.
I always jot down dates to remember in the calender completed with reminders so I never miss a thing..
Well I try NOT to miss things.. 

To outright buy one of these they come in at a hefty £349.00
Luckily many mobile companies now offer these on contract tariffs for 24 months.
I am with Vodafone & pay around £15 a month, it's great because I have internet access on the move. 
Perfect for traveling!
Of course 
I always have my iPhone 5 with me which comes in at £513.99
I pay £35 a month with Vodafone saving me that large pay out!

I also mentioned in my first blog post about my on the move Chap Lip Remedy.
This is something I always have to have, even though most days I support a wildly bright lipstick, some days I need to give my best pout a plain day & give them a rest.
I frequently apply my favorite lush lip scrub with my burts bee's lip balm throughout the day for a perfectly smooth pout.
I love popping down the local Lush Store & trying all things Lush!
Last time I picked up Sweet Lips which comes in at £5.00 & got a free cherry hand cream.
Always good to have smooth hands!
For more info on my get up & go chap lip remedy please see my post.

With summer in full swing, I always have to have my Ray Ban's now I am very determined & I saved my little backside off and purchased these amazing Ray Ban's.
I love big sunglasses totally makes me feel very Channel & very Carrie.
These bad boy's come in at £210.
They're quite an old season purchase & Im unsure if you can still purchase them as I picked them up over a year go before I hit NYC in May 2012. I love Ray Bans such a cool shade brand you see all the Celebs rocking their aviator style bans.
My next purchase has to be some GOLD rimmed aviator shades.


So there you have it you nosy parkers.
The total of my bag contents is a whopping £2,229!
What will your grand total be?
A total insight into what's carried away with me everyday weighing my down on my daily travels.
I will be entreating this post into a competition with Moneysupermarket.
Purely for taking part & showcasing my blog to a new network, as I am a new blogger.

Will you be picking up any of my handbag treasures?
Will you reveal all as to what's in your bag?

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