Wednesday, 26 June 2013


This month as a Boots Advantage Card holder, I was posted through some points vouchers which I usually leave in the envelope to go to waste.. so I decided to take on the "first time for everything" cliche & give this claiming points business ago..
(There's some hair crimpers im adamant to save up for... in points).
I usually tend to spend about an hour & an half  browsing the cosmetic section in Boots looking for lipstick dupes, new nail polishes, eye liners & all things bronzing.
 (After all I love a good fake tan or a good bronzed summer look.. who doesn't?)

So as I recent posted that this summer I am LOVING all things orange & of course adding to my orange lipstick collection..comes the array of orange nail polishes.
The polish thats got me hooked this summer is definitely Barry M's Gelly range.
These come in at a bargain price of £3.99
(Just a small £1 more than a regular Barry M polish.. SO worth it right?!)
I adore the finish to this product, it almost gives you a shellac effect, the amount of people that have commented on my nails at work asking if they're shellac is uncanny. 

I picked up these two LUSH summer colours.
On the left is Barry M's 'Mango' gelly polish. On the right is Barry M's 'Passion Fruit' gelly polish. Although iv picked up these colours for summer, i'll definitely be rocking these in winter to try & brighten up the winter weather.
(Always like to bring a little summer all year round!)

This is the more-ish 'Mango' shade on the nails. This shade looks amazing next to any skin tone, but in particular if you're rocking that summer holiday tan or you've simply been getting your favorite tanning mitt on full swing, either way this polish will not disappoint you.
It really does have a high shine, I am not wearing a top coat on this shot & the shine lasts for days.
This had quite a strong chip resist too, I wore this shade for 5 days before it chipped. 
Trust me working in retail with painted nails its hard to keep them in tact, but this collection really surprised me.
This is Barry M's poweful 'Passion Fruit' shade on the nails. This shade looks amazing next to any tone & definitely makes your hands a browner tone. This is probably a woman's favorite summer shade these days. Its an coral colour, also known as an "Orangey Red" colour. I love this colour on toe nails when you have brown feet on your jollies it looks super cute.
(You guys don't wanna see this shade on my teeny tiny toes.. I'll spare you the horror!)
I have literally just painted my nails this colour, so I'll be putting the chip resist to the test again with 3 long hectic days at work.
Will they stand the test?

I am now itching to get my hands on more of the Barry M's Gelly collection, I simply adore the high shine they give to your nails. The collection comes in a lovely array of shades both suitable for all year round seasons. I am after a gelly red polish next, love teaming red up with navy clothing.
(so novelty.. arent I?!)
Boots currently have 'a buy 1 get 1 half' price offer I think this calls for more of a splurge..
(I can almost hear my bank card crying in my purse...)


The next product that I think is a must have this month is Boot's Seventeen's range best kept secret..
(Shhh! I'm sharing..)

Seventeen is a minor Boots cosmetic's range, I was swatching away as usual, my hands are always shocking after a trip down to any cosmetic counter. 
I am not usually that keen on Seventeen products & it's not a range id usually pick up on a regular basis. But this 'Instant Glow Shimmer Brick' is an absolute MUST have this summer. Its amazing it really does have the finish of a high end cosmetic counter product. Its very similar to MAC's 'Gold Deposit' which comes in at around £22.50.
But this AMAZING product comes in at £3.00

PLEASE ladies if you pick up nothing else from my blog reviews this month, definitely pick up this item, it's not to be missed. 
It literally stays in place all day & sits on top of your make up in such a flawless way.
 I use the lighter end of the brick with a powder brush to high light my cheek bones. I contour with the darker end of the brick below my cheek bones to enhance them.

Heres a swatch of the entire shimmer brick mixed together.
(Such a gorgeous bonze tone, right?)

I like to think of the product as a cheaper way to get a powder highlighter thats effective & long lasting.
Its perfect for highlighting & contouring, this product is unbelievably affordable & it needs to be showcased in the blogging world, as this product is highly underestimated.
As cheeky as this may sound you could definitely use this brick as eye shadow as well will creative the perfect bronzed eye look. The lighter end of the shimmer brick will give great brow definition when applied to the brow bone.

This is the shimmer brick applied to the cheek bone. I have had this on all day & apologize for not taking the photo first thing this morning, however this showcases how wearable & durable the product is.

Will you be dropping down to your local Seventeen counter?


Lastly the last product that iv fallen for this month is a Nude Eyeliner pencil brought to you from Rimmel.
I know you're probably thinking I'm nuts, who wants a nude colour on their waterline?
But for all your hard workers or hard party goers, that simply cannot beat the night before lazy tired eye look. Then this should definitely be your new purchase.
I read somewhere that wearing a Nude liner gives you a bright eyed look defying any evidence of the night before or a sleepless night.

This product is brought to you by the Rimmel 'Scandaleyes' collection
(I absolutely love the name of this liner range, its definitely witty!)
This liner is fully waterproof which makes is very wearable & long lasting.
It has a khol pencil texture & is very soft on the inner eye rim.

Here is the pencil applied to the inner eye, definitely gave me the "awake" look
(All bright eye'd & bushy tailed this morning at 5AM)
I am loving this cheeky little trick & I'm really glad I gave it ago.
The pencil comes in at £3.99 BARGAIN!

This is a new range that Rimmel have made & so far is only available in 7 Shades, I can almost guarantee that this is a product that will soon be made in an array of shades.
At this bargain price they're selling like hot cakes.. get yours quick!


So there you have it the top Boots cosmetic must haves of this month. 
What do you ladies think?

Are you suffering with an orange obsession?
(Or is it just me?)

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