Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Chap Lip Remedy

 Well as we all know the change in weather does nothing for our lips ladies.. & right now the British weather is typically showing it's true colours & has no clue what to do with itself.. (the usual!) 

I always suffer with chapped lips due to the lovely air conditioning in my work place, I found that the cracks were not only deeply uncomfortable and painful. It's not an attractive look when applying your favourite MAC lipstick or lipglass. (which you know I cannot go a day without wearing)

After doing research online and finding out the only home remedy solutions invovled sugar and lemon, I struggled to think about carrying that around in my handbag amoungst the other junk in there.. it's just a NO GO!

So i took a quick trip to my favourite smelling shop on the highstreet.... Lush Cosmetics!

Where I found some 'Lip Scrub' I was advised by the Sales Assistant to try the "Sweet Lips" flavor as this had the most affect on chapped lips, It is available in other flavors such as bubblegum, popcorn & mint. They're priced at £5.25 for 25g.

You're literally to do exactly as it says on the lid.. Take a small dab on the end of your finger. The texture feels just like sugar grains. Simply Rub on ..buff away till your hearts content!! 
Finally.. lick the excess away!

After having my ear chewed off about how the Lush Scrub compliments and works better with the selection of luxury lip balms and creams they offer. I stood strong and stuck by my old faithful "Burts Bees" Lip Balm. This also comes in an array of flavors such as Peppermint, Coco-butter & my personal favorite Mango

Supporting the look of the classic Chap stick! Its handy to throw in the bottom of your bag and lasts forever..
It's Highly nourishing formula gives you a slight glossy tint when applied, it's very smooth texture makes it extremely easy to apply.
A hidden treasure about Ar'Burt.. (It sits great under Matte lipsticks and makes them easier to apply) especially retro matte finishes that need that extra push before applying
Burts Bee's is available from local Boots & Superdrug Stores, It's priced at £3.00 

There you have it my little lip remedy for on the move, this can be applied at any point in the day wherever you are you can relay on these little beauty's to keep your best pout in ship shape!

Which lip scrub flavor tickles your fancy?