Thursday, 20 June 2013

My Ruby Woo secret ..

After the entire hype behind the Riri Hearts MAC collection, I was extremely tempted to get Riri Woo. But having already purchased Ruby Woo & hearing there was not much difference. I decided to just pick up RiriBoy & Heaux
Heaux Sold out within 5 minutes of it's launch. This really surprised me I would have thought RiriBoy would have had a higher demand. I was lucky enough to get my hands on both & They're currently on their way to being dispatched as soon as I get my hands on them you guys will be the first to see them in swatches & on the lips. I will give a full review on the retro matte lipsticks.

However after meeting up with my lovely best friend Emma for a spot of late night shopping & talking all things MAC & Riri, Emma was lucky enough to get Ririwoo on it's first release earlier on in the year in May.
She had me itching at the seems to find a dupe. However with it being such a chalky finish, it would be very hard to drop down my local drugstore & pick up a retro matte finish.

I had heard there wasnt much difference in the two shades at all. Ririwoo has a slightly bluer undertone to Ruby. So I decided id try this cheeky little trick which once I'd tried this out I felt it would be rude not to share this hidden treasure with you lot.

Sussed out which one is Ruby Woo on it's own?

It is indeed the Top swatch.. I have teamed it up below with a darkish red blue toned lip liner which gives off an extremely close match to Riri!
When applying the liner carefully mark out the shape of your lips & fill in the rest of the lip evenly.
The take your MAC favorite red Ruby Woo & pile it on the top.. to get the Ririwoo Look.

I picked up a very handy Rimmel Lip liner in the shade '061 Wine'
This comes in a lead pencil texture & is very sharp, its easy to apply accurately.

The only thing I would say is do not apply too much pressure when applying the product to the lips as it does tend to break away easily.

The trick is to firstly outline the shape of your lips before filling in your lips entirely with the liner. Not too harsh as it can cause even more difficulty when applying Ruby Woo.

This the product duo when applied on the lips.
The 061 liner comes in at around £2.99 from Rimmel.
RubyWoo comes in at the standard MAC lipstick value of £14.00
I definitely prefer the darker shade of this for the day time, however will I be purchasing Ririwoo when it's released for the third time this year?... 
I'm still undecided


Did you miss out on Riri's RiriWoo?

Will you be trying the blue toned red liner underneath your RubyWoo?

Still toying with the RiriWoo Vs RubyWoo battle?