Sunday, 21 July 2013

Feline Liner

Lets go.. Lil'KittyKat.
(Sharing some very relevant Beyonce with you ladies)
I have been giving my eye make up a revamp, Ive done the lipsticks so I'm giving my favorite feature some TLC. 
I love eye make up & Id say they're my favorite thing to dress everyday. I always support dark liquid liner on the top of my eye lid. HERE I talk about how Mac's FluidLine is a MUST HAVE!
But some days I fancy going for the really sexy entire blacked out eye, so I team up my 'Blacktrack' gel liner with Mac's 'Feline' khol pencil.
I struggle to find eye pencils that are long wearing because it's placed on your waterline I find it it often runs under your eyes & makes you look to have dark circles
(no-one likes a tired eye look!)
or it wears off within 5 minutes of applying.
is purrrrfect!
this product is definitely durable & sticks around for a good 4-5 hours, which for pencil liner is AMAZING!

The pencil is a really soft khol & literally applies so easily with not much pressure needed to get a fabulously thick black show stopping water line!
This product lasts forever, I use the pencil every other day 
(just to spice things up a little!)
& I barely have to sharpen it. 
I need to reapply after 5 hours & it rarely runs under my eyes. 
unless you suffer with watery eyes, which I do it's so annoying, I just apply with more care. I apply the pencil to both of my waterlines, top lid & bottom lid, just to give my eyes that POW!
I can definitely see why Mac name this their "POWER" eye pencil, as the liner is very bold & defined when applied this product comes in at £14.00
Yes, it's a little pricey, but for a pencil thats gonna stay in place, it's worth the splurge!

Here's the liner applied on the eye, with 'blacktrack' gel liner!


What's your favorite pencil liner?

Pencil or Gel which ones your favorite?

Do you know another long wearing pencil?

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