Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Clear Out!

There comes a time in life, where you're faced with a tough battle ....
Yes, the wardrobe clear out.
(You can hear the fashionistas cries can't you?)
Well my wardrobe clear out has a positive as I am sending all my fashionable unwanted items along to the 'Yorkshire Air Ambulance'. 

Last year I went through a high drop in weight, slimming down from a 12-14 to a new dress size of 8-10.
I will NOT bore you lot with how I managed this, it's not something id recommend. 
it's true what they say 'A heartbreak diet works wonders'.

I believe that your real soul mates in life are your closest girl friends. They steal your heart,
 the men simply come second best. 

Firstly I decided to start with my second wardrobe which I stole over in the guest room, I kept this little space for my summer holiday clothes. 
(My mum was NOT best pleased..whoopsie!)
It was jam packed full of bright shorts, skirts, white jeans & my favorite patterned denim hot pants!
I had some old winter coats shoved in there too, after all it's summer & I'm religiously rocking a blazer this season.

Theres not much. but it ALL had to go, I think throwing your clothes away sometimes can be as painful as throwing away something sentimental. So much that I could not bare to part with my all time favorite Topshop American Flag pocket print denim shorts.
I only ever purchased these because they had the American flag printed on them, but like all things America I fell in love with them. They're 3 sizes to big & most definitely NOT gonna fit anytime soon. but they're staying firm within my household.
I also couldnt pass up 2 other pairs of shorts, they're slightly on the big side, but if I do end up venturing to Tenerife later on this year, they will be very handy.
Im planning my Leeds Festival trip fairly promptly with it fast approaching. These shorts will be making an appearance, teamed up with a tight belt
(Trust me ill need the belt!)

 These two beauties were the hardest to chuck from this old school summer wardrobe.
Pieces I pulled out often left me thinking, "What was I think last year?" I must have had either terrible taste in clothing or bad eyesight last year.
But these two Topshop summer time skrits were always wore all summer. I wore both with either black or white tops. But they're now quite dated & huge at the waist both coming at at size 14.

The summer clear out!
Cargo shorts really? who am I Lara Croft?

The next place I decided to visit was my own wardrobe in my room. It dawned on me that I actually own so many clothes & half of them I would not wear & they are also over sized.
I found a-lot of gothic, black & skull items. 
(I fancied myself as a mosher, much prefer the girly result iv grown into!)
When it comes to making crunching decisions in your over used personal space, this one was difficult to narrow down.
(Anyone spot the little A-Line number?)
This baby is jam packed full of bright clothing, winter coats, going out dresses, day dresses, blazers, playsuits, trousers... you name it, Iv got it!
Im not going to lie I kept about 90% of everything in here, Its mostly new. I decided there was certain Items that did not make the cut. I threw away many black shirts, I think I found 4, who needs 4? I gave a pearl peter pan collar top the boot, along with many over sized jeans in an array of colours & trousers Id not wore since trailing round New College.

There was 3 painful items that didn't make the cut.
1.Topshop leopard print skater dress Size 12.
2. Boohoo white studded Egyptian inspired dress in L.
3. River island purple playsuit. 

All three items didn't fit & although it was hard to do, sometimes you have to do hard things.
Even though last year I rocked that playsuit outside NYC Bloomingdales. It was about to hit the binbag!

That was it all clothes had been assessed, really what would have made this more exciting would have been getting the girls round with 'throw' & 'keep' flash cards & a fashion show.
But life isnt like the movies & my girls were all working.
(Thats reality..)


I feel very good about this huge mountain of non worn clothing will be going to an amazing charity like the Air Ambulance.
This is my good deed of the month.


Is it time for your yearly clear out?

Do you find it painful parting with your clothes?

What will be your selected charity?

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