What camera do you use for photo's?
After having a nikon coolpix in a lush red colour, sadly it broke on holiday last year.. (in new york!) I was not impressed. I'm currently on the quest for a new camera. It certainly will NOT be a nikon. I'm currently snaping away on a 16MP 'Fujiflim FinePix' 
(Nothing too flash)
It's cheap & cheerful, it comes in at less than £100

What progammes do you use to edit your photo's?
To be fair I am not very big on editing my photo's but when I do, I tend to keep it simple. I use a free online editor called 'Ipiccy' this allows you to create collages of products and outfits.
I tend to stick to Instagram mainly.

Will you be starting a You-Tube channel?
This is somthing I am definitely toying with, however I hate my voice on camera. But providing on the feedback & sucess of this little hobby..
(who knows watch this space!)