"Life gives you lots of chances to screw up which means you have just as many chances to get it right"- Carrie Bradshaw

My name is Rani Louise Bubbra. I am 19 years of age and a lover of profound sayings and the odd old cliche! My name's meaning in hebrew is "Queen" so I like to think im worthy of being a true princess! (even though every girls a princess in someone's eyes) I am hoping to share my top make up tips and fashion favorites with you wonderful lot! In the hope that one day i can refer to this little hobby as a "popular beauty blog"

I am currently a full time worker in the lovely retail industry with the life dream of seeing the world! I am currently slaving away at Marks & Spencer to fund my year in Australia! Which is the first destination on my wish list, hoping to end in New York my all time favorite place in the world!

I am a MAC lipstick enthusiast, i own every shade possible, I'm known to have at least 10 swimming at the bottom of my handbag, a strictly dark rum and coke kind of girl and a converse fanatic.
I love wearing bright pieces of clothing, colour clashing everything from my nails to my lipstick, Always have a camera handy to capture my life moments.. after all the sexiest thing we can ever wear is a smile!
My favorite hobby's include spending time with my best friends, writting creative notes, singing along to my radio (pretending im beyonce.. im definitely miles off!) and eating damn good food!
Music's my passion

Im often found working hard.. or slacking off at the MAC counter .. if you're STILL struggling to find me... I'm more than likely at the mirror getting all glam'd up for a night on the town with my partner in crime 
Abi Hylton.

(Live @ Leeds)
My biggest weakness these days is definitely the MAC cosmetics range. I stupidly have a email set up so i am notified at any new release (a blessing in disguise i'd  definitely call it!) I can assure you ill be posting about every MAC product iv fallen head over heels in love with! 

In my spare time I love to watch trash on tv such as classic F.R.I.E.N.D.S re-runs, My Wife & Kids & most of all Fresh Prince! (who doesn't love the man himself Will Smith?)
Of course like every other girl out there who needs a role model I  find myself watching classic re-runs of Sex And The City, for the ultimate single girl Carrie Bradshaw always has something inspirational to say.. usually it's relatable to my situation, she was definitely my heart break saviour. Im a totally in love with the ultimate Queen herself.. Beyonce! In my eye's she's the perfect Role Model for every Woman, she's a fine example of how every woman should be. She embraces every aspect of being a fierce lady.
Im guilty of watching Keeping up with the Kardashians.. I like to think I'd make a good Kardashian, with Khloe being my favorite, I cant help having a secret crush on the Lord Disick (he's definitely looking dishy these days!)
My ultimate dream is to wake up to New York's Skyline every morning.
But for now I have never been happier, loving the life I lead with my nearest and dearest & having a boat load of confidence, KILLER Mac Lipsticks & I'm finally excited about what the rest of this year has in-store for me. 
I'm a strong believer in good things  often falling apart so better things can fall together