Sunday, 30 June 2013

Girl About Town.

Yes you guessed it, Iv been to the MAC Counter again.
They really should ban me from there, however if they did they'd probably shut down!
Iv been eying up "Girl About Town" for weeks, after months of going in & swatching the colour on the hand & leaving toying with the idea every time, I decided to purchase it!
If im completely honest, Pink lipstick is usually not for me, I often don't like myself in pink & feel I cant pull it off BUT after getting my hands on MAC's "Embrace Me" & falling in love with the hot pink matte lipstick.
I figured it was time to give this one a whirl!

Girl About Town is a deep hot pink, its very blue toned & is quite a cute colour for both everyday & a night out on the town.. (obviously!)
Its brought to you from MAC's Amplified range it comes in at £14.00. It has quite a shiny finish, but it's very long lasting.

Here is a swatch of the colour.
This colour will look amazing on any skin tone, but its as its boldest when you team it up with a bronzed tan.
This is the PERFECT holiday colour. 
I did find when wearing this its that durable it didn't need much reapplying & it stayed in place even when drinking & eating

This is the colour before I hit a night on the town.
I think this will definitely become one of my new favorite shades
I would really reccomend this for a first pink lipstick as it's quite calm toned.
Other pinks can be quite harsh, this one just seems to get it right.

My friend Lisa is wearing Girl About Town too.
There you go suits both
 blondes & brunettes. 


Will this be your new summer lipstick shade?

Do you already have Girl About Town fever?

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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Finally Giving In

For anyone that read my older post about not being able to beat the desire for BANGS this summer..
There comes a time where after listening to many people saying "go for it
"no, DONT it's so last year"
That you have to make a strong woman decision.
I am horrendous at making decisions....


After listening to my true soul mate.. also known as my best friend
Abi Hylton.
She's been pushing the bangs fever on me for about 4 months.
Enough is enough already!!

Today I woke up feeling quite adventurous
I was popping down into Leeds anyway & walking past salons still toying with the idea...
Theres something about hairdressers I love. Whether it be the chatty stylists or the crazy gowns. 
I decided to bite the bullet & GO for it.
After all change is good.
Well I am a firm believer that change is always essential if we didn't spice things up every now & again life would be very boring.

After posting about me wanting them, I felt it would only be fair to share the finish result with you.

I LOVE the fringe, totally the right decision. 

What do you guys think?

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Thursday, 27 June 2013

What's In My Bag?

So for all you people watches & nosy folk out there..
(like myself..)
I am going to reveal a woman's BIGGEST secret. 
Yes you guessed it.
The contents of my handbag.

Of course everyone always carries half of their life around with them day in day out in their tote handbags. Big bags are taking the highstreet by storm this season. 
We all know why! Simply so we can fill them to the brim.
Whether you're cramming your bag with secret shopping purchases, your daily essentials, your favorite 'on the go' hair  products or your must have gadgets. 
A tote bag is PERFECT for throwing all your stuff in to keep you going throughout the day.

I am currently carrying my life around in my favorite bag ever.
(This baby traveled air miles)
 I am currently supporting my New York Macy's bag.
I picked up this little beauty in NYC last year. which might I add was the best holiday ever.
This trip was every glamourous chicks dream, everything in New York is fabulous! If you haven't been get putting that copper away in your savings jar & book yourself a flight! 

I picked up this gorgeous BIG Macy's tote bag for around $30
(Don't quote me, it was a long while ago & I shamefully cannot remember!)
So like I once did in the Big Apple, I throw this baby over my shoulder & strut my way down Briggate everyday. Not quite as glamourous as Fifth Avenue, However whenever Ive got this bag I do feel very Carrie Bradshaw.
(Shhh, shes my inner Ego)

So the real question is what have I got hiding in this New York tote treasure?
The question is what HAVEN'T I got in this bag?!

I know this is definitely a tidied up version of my bags contents.
I always tend to have a pair of shoes in bag, trailing to work everyday in dolly shoes in Britain is risky business, due to our freak weather. Therefore where there's a will there's a way!
I always have my favorite black comfy pumps to hand. These are so in need of a refresh. But they're my lucky driving shoes & until I pass they can continue to look scruffy.. Theses are Authentic Vans Low Pro pumps. They're priced at around £39.99 
Schuh offer student discount so grab that card & save your student pennies! 

Along with any shoes floating around definitely comes a pair of socks right?
I always tend to have a pair of what m&s would call Footsie socks.
They're PERFECT for under dolly shoes, they only go round your toes & heels perfect for hiding away under your shoes & beating the hot clammy feet this summer
(Its stupidly hot where I work, Iv forgotten what air-conditioning is?)

(Yes look at my white legs, I am DESPERATE need of hitting the tanning mitt. 
check out the tiny tattoo..)

I picked up these little lovelies from Primark, they're not a high denier and are very light weight & comfy.
they come in two sizes 3-5 or 6-8 catering for all us ladies. 
They come in at £1.30
They're seamless which makes them easy to pull on & theres no annoying seams digging in your feet. & they come with 'ActiFresh' technology to keep your tootsies cool.

The next thing I tend to find swimming in my handbag is this weeks & day's nail & lip look. This week im feeling all hot under the collar with coral nails & bright lipstick, the gorgeous sunshine has disappeared so im trying to bring some summer sun to my work place, brightening the place up with summery lipsticks paired up with a killer smile & my must have Barry M Gelly polish 'Passion Fruit'
Today is a Thursday & I fancied going Pink today for the lips. So swimming in my bag is 
MAC's Viva Glam Nicki
The nail polish comes in at £3.99 please check out my 'Junes Boots Cosmetics Must Haves' post for a full review of how this Barry M finish has left me weak & wanting more. Such a high end finish to a bargain product, fallen for this finish this year.

My MAC lovely lippy comes in at £14.00 as usual, this is part of the Viva Glam range brought to you by female rapper Nicki Minaj

This is the killer combo together, after all iv got to bring some glam to my lovely green M&S uniform. Cant leave my inner diva at home!

Also swimming at the bottom of my bag is 3 other popular summer shades iv been rocking this week
(Right) Neon Orange, (Middle) Heroine (Left) Tart N Trendy.
All three of these gorgeous colours come from MAC's limited edition sets & are now sold out. Im not surprised these are probably my 3 favorite summer lipsticks. 
All priced at £14.00 as usual.

Next on my list is my soul capturing iPod, I like to call her Polly!
'Polly Pod'

I literally cannot leave my house without this gadget, a bus journey without my music blaring is soul destroying. My ipod literally contains everything from Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B to 90's, Pop, Rock, Motown, Soul & Indie.
Whatever your tastes I definitely can cater for it.
you know me im a die hard Beyonce fan & I literally start every shuffle playlist on some Queen B track, this moment I cannot get enough of Grown Woman. B hasnt released this yet & I need to stop, playing the pepsi advert on repeat just doesnt compare.

I was lucky enough to get this Black Classic iPod for christmas, but they usually come in around £200 & have a whopping 160GB so fill your boots till your ears are bursting with all things music.

My hair always drives me wild on a daily basis, I always have a quick hair remedy treatment in my bag, consisting of an XXL Batiste dry shampoo, flat hair is my pet HATE I literally cannot do with sleek hair it just does NOT suit me. 
(I wish I could pull off the sleek Kardashian look!)

This dry shampoo definitely does what it says on the tin & gives you that extra boost along with that just washed look for anyone who loves that volumised look definitely give this a try. You can pick it up from your local Boots or Superdrug for around £3.99

Always have grips & bobbles handy for when I get a stress on, you know I mean business when the hairs scrapped back either that or iv got up late...oops!
I always have a backcombing brush to hand for volume at my roots. I picked this cute pink one up at Primark for £1.00

While were on all things hair I always also have my hairspray handy, this week I am trailing Loreal's Elnett 'Cat Walk Look' limited edition spary. I will post a full review after a few days use.
This comes in at £6.60 for a HUGE can!
This months fragance of the minute is definitely 'Lady Million
I am still fighting hard to find a daily dupe perfume of this, the quest continues...
I adore this perfume such a lovely long lasting smell, people constantly comment on it. You ladies will definitely know, this perfume stole the limelight last year & is storming on through this year too!
an average ml bottle comes in around £45+

All things Teddy B.
I am a lover of Ted Baker & I am currently chasing an iPad Mini case so I can protect it when it's swimming in my bag on a daily basis. Still on my orange fever obsession, which is swaying towards coral.
I have my Teddy B purse, in a coral colour. I treated myself to this baby almost 2 years ago with my first full time wage! 
I picked this up for £65.00 was well worth the investment, it's lasted me ages. its crammed full of loyalty cards & coins. I think a bigger Teddy B is on the cards.
(Ive seen a New York skyline one with my name on it!!!)

I also always have my little cosmetic Ted Baker pouch on me, supporting my hair bobbles, grips, choice of lipstick for the day, & nail polish.
This totally cute baby pink & yellow beauty is brought to you by Ted Baker at Boots, so it's such a bargain & comes in around £15-£20

Of course with all this make up floating around a cute compact mirror is esential
with my mother being a die hard M&S goer, one christmas I was lucky enough to open my very own 
 compact mirror.
(yes you did read that right, percy pig has his own compact mirror!)

despite the sheer embarrassment of whipping this out in public, how cute is it?!
I think little Percy comes in at around £3.50 at christmas time.
(Bet you cant wait till December now, can you?)

Also the contents of my bag include my work badge & card, i'm a total workaholic.
I work almost everyday, I am so money motivated & I enjoy working hard to earn my pennies..
which I blow within seconds down at the MAC Counter.

Supporting my tape measure for all things Bra Fitting whilst on the job!

I mentioned earlier that I carry my iPad Mini with me daily, Im terrible at keeping track of things & I use this as a diary really, I use the notes pages to write creative messages & old cliches for myself to live by.
I always jot down dates to remember in the calender completed with reminders so I never miss a thing..
Well I try NOT to miss things.. 

To outright buy one of these they come in at a hefty £349.00
Luckily many mobile companies now offer these on contract tariffs for 24 months.
I am with Vodafone & pay around £15 a month, it's great because I have internet access on the move. 
Perfect for traveling!
Of course 
I always have my iPhone 5 with me which comes in at £513.99
I pay £35 a month with Vodafone saving me that large pay out!

I also mentioned in my first blog post about my on the move Chap Lip Remedy.
This is something I always have to have, even though most days I support a wildly bright lipstick, some days I need to give my best pout a plain day & give them a rest.
I frequently apply my favorite lush lip scrub with my burts bee's lip balm throughout the day for a perfectly smooth pout.
I love popping down the local Lush Store & trying all things Lush!
Last time I picked up Sweet Lips which comes in at £5.00 & got a free cherry hand cream.
Always good to have smooth hands!
For more info on my get up & go chap lip remedy please see my post.

With summer in full swing, I always have to have my Ray Ban's now I am very determined & I saved my little backside off and purchased these amazing Ray Ban's.
I love big sunglasses totally makes me feel very Channel & very Carrie.
These bad boy's come in at £210.
They're quite an old season purchase & Im unsure if you can still purchase them as I picked them up over a year go before I hit NYC in May 2012. I love Ray Bans such a cool shade brand you see all the Celebs rocking their aviator style bans.
My next purchase has to be some GOLD rimmed aviator shades.


So there you have it you nosy parkers.
The total of my bag contents is a whopping £2,229!
What will your grand total be?
A total insight into what's carried away with me everyday weighing my down on my daily travels.
I will be entreating this post into a competition with Moneysupermarket.
Purely for taking part & showcasing my blog to a new network, as I am a new blogger.

Will you be picking up any of my handbag treasures?
Will you reveal all as to what's in your bag?

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013


This month as a Boots Advantage Card holder, I was posted through some points vouchers which I usually leave in the envelope to go to waste.. so I decided to take on the "first time for everything" cliche & give this claiming points business ago..
(There's some hair crimpers im adamant to save up for... in points).
I usually tend to spend about an hour & an half  browsing the cosmetic section in Boots looking for lipstick dupes, new nail polishes, eye liners & all things bronzing.
 (After all I love a good fake tan or a good bronzed summer look.. who doesn't?)

So as I recent posted that this summer I am LOVING all things orange & of course adding to my orange lipstick collection..comes the array of orange nail polishes.
The polish thats got me hooked this summer is definitely Barry M's Gelly range.
These come in at a bargain price of £3.99
(Just a small £1 more than a regular Barry M polish.. SO worth it right?!)
I adore the finish to this product, it almost gives you a shellac effect, the amount of people that have commented on my nails at work asking if they're shellac is uncanny. 

I picked up these two LUSH summer colours.
On the left is Barry M's 'Mango' gelly polish. On the right is Barry M's 'Passion Fruit' gelly polish. Although iv picked up these colours for summer, i'll definitely be rocking these in winter to try & brighten up the winter weather.
(Always like to bring a little summer all year round!)

This is the more-ish 'Mango' shade on the nails. This shade looks amazing next to any skin tone, but in particular if you're rocking that summer holiday tan or you've simply been getting your favorite tanning mitt on full swing, either way this polish will not disappoint you.
It really does have a high shine, I am not wearing a top coat on this shot & the shine lasts for days.
This had quite a strong chip resist too, I wore this shade for 5 days before it chipped. 
Trust me working in retail with painted nails its hard to keep them in tact, but this collection really surprised me.
This is Barry M's poweful 'Passion Fruit' shade on the nails. This shade looks amazing next to any tone & definitely makes your hands a browner tone. This is probably a woman's favorite summer shade these days. Its an coral colour, also known as an "Orangey Red" colour. I love this colour on toe nails when you have brown feet on your jollies it looks super cute.
(You guys don't wanna see this shade on my teeny tiny toes.. I'll spare you the horror!)
I have literally just painted my nails this colour, so I'll be putting the chip resist to the test again with 3 long hectic days at work.
Will they stand the test?

I am now itching to get my hands on more of the Barry M's Gelly collection, I simply adore the high shine they give to your nails. The collection comes in a lovely array of shades both suitable for all year round seasons. I am after a gelly red polish next, love teaming red up with navy clothing.
(so novelty.. arent I?!)
Boots currently have 'a buy 1 get 1 half' price offer I think this calls for more of a splurge..
(I can almost hear my bank card crying in my purse...)


The next product that I think is a must have this month is Boot's Seventeen's range best kept secret..
(Shhh! I'm sharing..)

Seventeen is a minor Boots cosmetic's range, I was swatching away as usual, my hands are always shocking after a trip down to any cosmetic counter. 
I am not usually that keen on Seventeen products & it's not a range id usually pick up on a regular basis. But this 'Instant Glow Shimmer Brick' is an absolute MUST have this summer. Its amazing it really does have the finish of a high end cosmetic counter product. Its very similar to MAC's 'Gold Deposit' which comes in at around £22.50.
But this AMAZING product comes in at £3.00

PLEASE ladies if you pick up nothing else from my blog reviews this month, definitely pick up this item, it's not to be missed. 
It literally stays in place all day & sits on top of your make up in such a flawless way.
 I use the lighter end of the brick with a powder brush to high light my cheek bones. I contour with the darker end of the brick below my cheek bones to enhance them.

Heres a swatch of the entire shimmer brick mixed together.
(Such a gorgeous bonze tone, right?)

I like to think of the product as a cheaper way to get a powder highlighter thats effective & long lasting.
Its perfect for highlighting & contouring, this product is unbelievably affordable & it needs to be showcased in the blogging world, as this product is highly underestimated.
As cheeky as this may sound you could definitely use this brick as eye shadow as well will creative the perfect bronzed eye look. The lighter end of the shimmer brick will give great brow definition when applied to the brow bone.

This is the shimmer brick applied to the cheek bone. I have had this on all day & apologize for not taking the photo first thing this morning, however this showcases how wearable & durable the product is.

Will you be dropping down to your local Seventeen counter?


Lastly the last product that iv fallen for this month is a Nude Eyeliner pencil brought to you from Rimmel.
I know you're probably thinking I'm nuts, who wants a nude colour on their waterline?
But for all your hard workers or hard party goers, that simply cannot beat the night before lazy tired eye look. Then this should definitely be your new purchase.
I read somewhere that wearing a Nude liner gives you a bright eyed look defying any evidence of the night before or a sleepless night.

This product is brought to you by the Rimmel 'Scandaleyes' collection
(I absolutely love the name of this liner range, its definitely witty!)
This liner is fully waterproof which makes is very wearable & long lasting.
It has a khol pencil texture & is very soft on the inner eye rim.

Here is the pencil applied to the inner eye, definitely gave me the "awake" look
(All bright eye'd & bushy tailed this morning at 5AM)
I am loving this cheeky little trick & I'm really glad I gave it ago.
The pencil comes in at £3.99 BARGAIN!

This is a new range that Rimmel have made & so far is only available in 7 Shades, I can almost guarantee that this is a product that will soon be made in an array of shades.
At this bargain price they're selling like hot cakes.. get yours quick!


So there you have it the top Boots cosmetic must haves of this month. 
What do you ladies think?

Are you suffering with an orange obsession?
(Or is it just me?)

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Desire for Bangs this summer

For some reason, my brain just will NOT quit with the desire to get a full fringe this summer. Having seen this on so many celebrities such as Lea Michelle, Rihanna, Beyonce & The Kardashian sisters Kourtney & Kim.
I still cannot kick the habit of wanting one so bad. Yet I still darent take the plunge & take a trip to the hair dressers?!?
Usually if I cannot stop thinking about something, it bugs the life out of me until I finally say to myself that enough is enough & I give in to my desire.
I am so particular about my hair after years of supporting the posh bob. Its taken me 2 years to get it at mid length, although I have the undying dream of long kardashian locks I am not much closer to that either.
I usually go through phases where I want to change everything & this is definitely one of those phases. Having just slapped on the ombre kit & created a summer dip dye look, you'd think I'd be satisfied.
C'mon be honest when are we EVER satisfied, as a species us ladies are NEVER happy image wise.
(I blame the media..dont you?)

So after months of buggin my friends with the endless questions of should I? shouldn't I?
my mums definitely worn out with the idea, she no longer cares..
So iv resorted to asking you lovely lot. After all you love eat, live & breathe beauty, fashion & hair
like me!
My lovely friend I quote said
"What do you want bangs for it's not 2008!?"

My little confession is I have had bangs before.
But when I had them last time although I loved them, I was told they made me look younger & didn't suit me as much as having a middle parting did.
(But everyones got a middle parting these days..)

Heres the picture of me with the bangs in full swing!
I am wearing extensions here, this was throughout the stage of growing out the lovely bob. I have also lost a lot of weight & I have a much slimmer face now & I am dying to give this look another go..
Here is a close up!

What do you reckon?

Should I bring back the Bangs?

Should I keep the on trend middle parting?

Is change good?


After hearing that Riri was going to release her spin off of  MAC's Original lipstick shade 'Up The Amp' I was very excited to get my hands on this little treasure. Rihanna has released 3 Retro Matte lipsticks. Which is by far my favorite finish on the lips. Gives such a bold look, even though the formula is a little drying its nothing my little chap lip remedy can't sort out.

Up The Amp is definitely one of my favorite lipsticks to wear. I adore purple lipstick I think its so bold & enough people don't sway towards them as much as they should. I reckon you should chuck the pinks away this summer & autumn as purple is set to take the highstreet & catwalk by storm.

-The top swatch is Riri's RiriBoy.
-The bottom swatch is MAC's Up The Amp.

Although the two are almost identical shades, they're too very different finishes, the Up The Amp Amplified lippy has a high shine to it & is rich in nourishment when applied it wears off after a 2/3 hours & after eating. However the Retro Matte lippy is indestructible & can last all day even after eating. Its that tough it doesnt even transfer on to glasses. 
(My glasses/teacups are definitely always lipstick stained...oops!)
I definitely think for anyone that was itching to get their hands on MAC's Heroine lipstick that was released earlier on in the year in MAC's limited edition Fashionista Sets & you missed out on the must have shade. Then this is a perfect compromise, as it has a matte finish & more of a purple pigment than pink. RiriBoy & Up The Amp is great when you clash it out with a green liner or eye shadow. It really compliments the purple & enhances your eyes too no matter what colour eyes you have.

This is RiriBoy applied on the lips, it think even though everyones natural lip colouring is different this shade will definitely look purple on any tone. I am very pleased with the colour that Riri has created, I can see this being a new favorite shade for the summer. 

So is this colour worth having over Up The Amp?
Well luckily for me my Up The Amp has seen it's better days so I was due a refresh anyway. If you love Matte finishes then I'd definitely be keen to pick this up when it's released for the second time this year in MAC stores.

However if you cant wait till then...
Then definitely give Up The Amp a try its a great colour & has a great finish. However this does tend to look Pinker on some peoples lips than others thats the only flaw of the product.

(I have to stop taking selfies in my work clothes...)

This is me wearing Up the Amp as you can see even I get a pinker finish than when iv applied RiriBoy.
I have also purchased Riri's Heaux lipstick which hasnt yet arrived. This shade is a Retro Matte spin off of MAC's Rebel lipstick. Which I have just recently purchased this month, but I couldn't resist having this shade,  as iv fallen head over heels for Rebel.


Did you pick up any of the RiriLovesMac summer collection?

Will you be picking this up on the second release?

What do you reckon to the Riri collection, is it overrated?

Are you hooked on the hype?

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

My Ruby Woo secret ..

After the entire hype behind the Riri Hearts MAC collection, I was extremely tempted to get Riri Woo. But having already purchased Ruby Woo & hearing there was not much difference. I decided to just pick up RiriBoy & Heaux
Heaux Sold out within 5 minutes of it's launch. This really surprised me I would have thought RiriBoy would have had a higher demand. I was lucky enough to get my hands on both & They're currently on their way to being dispatched as soon as I get my hands on them you guys will be the first to see them in swatches & on the lips. I will give a full review on the retro matte lipsticks.

However after meeting up with my lovely best friend Emma for a spot of late night shopping & talking all things MAC & Riri, Emma was lucky enough to get Ririwoo on it's first release earlier on in the year in May.
She had me itching at the seems to find a dupe. However with it being such a chalky finish, it would be very hard to drop down my local drugstore & pick up a retro matte finish.

I had heard there wasnt much difference in the two shades at all. Ririwoo has a slightly bluer undertone to Ruby. So I decided id try this cheeky little trick which once I'd tried this out I felt it would be rude not to share this hidden treasure with you lot.

Sussed out which one is Ruby Woo on it's own?

It is indeed the Top swatch.. I have teamed it up below with a darkish red blue toned lip liner which gives off an extremely close match to Riri!
When applying the liner carefully mark out the shape of your lips & fill in the rest of the lip evenly.
The take your MAC favorite red Ruby Woo & pile it on the top.. to get the Ririwoo Look.

I picked up a very handy Rimmel Lip liner in the shade '061 Wine'
This comes in a lead pencil texture & is very sharp, its easy to apply accurately.

The only thing I would say is do not apply too much pressure when applying the product to the lips as it does tend to break away easily.

The trick is to firstly outline the shape of your lips before filling in your lips entirely with the liner. Not too harsh as it can cause even more difficulty when applying Ruby Woo.

This the product duo when applied on the lips.
The 061 liner comes in at around £2.99 from Rimmel.
RubyWoo comes in at the standard MAC lipstick value of £14.00
I definitely prefer the darker shade of this for the day time, however will I be purchasing Ririwoo when it's released for the third time this year?... 
I'm still undecided


Did you miss out on Riri's RiriWoo?

Will you be trying the blue toned red liner underneath your RubyWoo?

Still toying with the RiriWoo Vs RubyWoo battle?

Kicking Studio Fix into touch.

For years I have been a loyal user of the foundation brought to you by MAC Cosmetics.
Which goes by the name of  'Studio Fix'.
Which comes in at the price of £20.50
(Anyone remember when this treasure was £19.50?)
This foundation I personally think is the most used foundation by MAC especially when people are looking for an affordable foundation brought to you from a counter.
Rather then heading down the Boots or Superdrug, us ladies are very particular on what we put on our face. 
After all it's your daily canvas for you to paint everyday.
If you're anything like me, once iv found a brand I like I tend to stick to it.
(It's like being in a relationship... with mac)  
However like all great love tragedies. 
Me & Studio Fix foundation have decided it was time to call it a day.

Studio Fix Fluid comes with SPF 15 protection.
I wore this product in NC37.
I found that this foundation was quite a thick based product. With summer in full swing I decided to take a trip down to the MAC Counter & see if they could offer me anything more lightweight.
I had found whilst wearing Studio Fix in hot weather it would often go patchy on my face & require daily touch ups even with a primer.
Although this product did give a flawless finish & I would recommend this product if you're after something that will cover skin imperfections easily. Or you're after a foundation for a night out that will  last for a good few hours.
Then this is definitely worth having, just bare in mind you have to always have this swimming in your handbag!

Even toying with the idea of having a try of Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation & reading loads of reviews & blogs on the product saying it does exactly what it says on the tin
However when I took a sneaky peek at this product it seemed to have a thick consistency as well
I couldnt cheat on MAC im far too faithful..

So I was recommended Mac's "Pro-Long Wear Foudation"
Which comes in at the slightly higher price of £24.00
(Not a huge price difference, I figured it was worth the risk..)
With the promise I could wear this all day & it would withstand anything I threw at it.
So far it's proving itself to me.

Pro-Long Wear comes with an SPF of 10, slightly lower than Studio Fix but luckily for me this is Britain & We do not often see much sun.
I picked up this in shade NC35. Which is surprising since Ive been wearing NC37 for years. But this definitely suited me a lot more 
Complete with it's own pump, this product has more than won me over.
Its very lightweight consistency means you literally need no more than 2 pumps for a full face even coverage.
It has quite a runny texture & is very easy to spread evenly with your favorite applicator brush!
This is the product when applied on my skin tone.
This literally does last all day & Im not just saying that, it really surprised me. I am left with a flawless finish at  both the start & the end of the day.
I have often had customers ask me what foundation I'm wearing whilst at work.
Even on the areas that tend to sweat if its a little sticky outside or you have a bust air-conditioning unit...
(like we work!)
This product is literally indestructible  

I also team this up with a 'Select Sheer' pressed powder.
Which comes in at the price of £20.00
This product has a very translucent texture, it does have a slight colouring to it to blend in with your foundation. I picked up this in shade NC40, which is a few tones darker than my foundation. It gives me slightly more colour, I have a very red undertone across the T section of my face, which is hard to cover with just foundation.
 However I only tend to use a few dabs of this on the sponge that comes with the product simply for the matte finish it gives my skin.
It also helps keep my foundation set in place for the day.

(Notice the very subtle difference?) 

For me this product works a lot more than Studio Fix & in my eyes Pro-Long Wear is a very underestimated MAC secret.
I am totally converted to this foundation now, I will be re-purchasing it time & time over.
Since using the product the improvement to my skin has been evidently obvious too. I have received a lovely clear up of blemishes.
(Which is good for all us ladies, no-one likes a cracking spot! ..YIKES)
It withstands any crazy night out you've got or any tough day at the office.


Will you be throwing your foundation away for some Pro-Long Wear?

Will this withstand your wild lifestyle?

Pop down to your local counter & ask the lovely assistants for a tester pot.
See if 'Pro Long Wear' can handle anything you throw at it.
I'll be very surprised if you don't fall head over heels for this lightweight beauty!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Ombre Home Kit.

After seeing Khloe Kardashian & Lea Michelle rocking the Ombre look this season. I was dying to get my Ombre fix & try out this wild look. 
I did look at getting this done professionally, however it's ridiculously over priced. It comes in at around £70-£80+.
(Imagine all the MAC lipsticks I could have with that $$$) 

I really fancied something different for the summer season & as my hairs so dark it would be very hard to lift it all to a light brown tone, so I decided this was the perfect compromise!

(My uniform is the loveliest colour.. right?)

As you can tell from the picture my hair is of a medium/dark brown. 
This is my natural colour.

Now my Mum would have gone stir crazy if she knew I was taking matters into my own hands & using a home dye kit.
(Good job shes away on holiday...isnt it?)
I decided to misbehave, isn't that what parents going away is designed for?

The Loreal Ombre Kit comes in a variety of shades for different toned hair, the different kits provide images & tips on what colour will be best for your natural tone to get the look.

I picked up Ombre No.1 from my local Boots store for £6.99
(A LOT cheaper than the robbing highstreet salons!) 

With my nerves in full swing I decided enough was enough & it was time to crack on with it!
But how hard it be?
(I always make a mess of everything!)

When opening the box it comes with Christopher's top ombre tips. where it lists different styles & where you should start your dip dye depending on the length of your hair.
Everyones differs, I have layered hair & was suggested to start at my layers to enhance them.
(The bottom right hand image was the method I decided to go with)

The kit comes with a small comb which makes it very easy to create a blended look from 3/4 of the way down the hair. 

(such a messy room...sorry!)

You simply add the dye to the comb & section your hair completely in half at either sides of the face.

After parting your hair evenly. It's time to get the messy bit done & mix together the ombre!

You take the Preference Developer creme bottle & remove the lid carefully.

Step 1

Firstly you add the lightening powder to the creme.

This is a very small light white powder very similar consistency to talc & it gets everywhere so make sure you've got down an old dark towel. 
(To avoid the raft of an angry mother & a stained carpet)

Step 2
 Add the lightening creme.
This is a metal tube that consists of thick creme that has the strong typical hair dye smell.
(Makes my eyes water)
After squeezing the entire tube away & rolling it down like the end of a toothpaste tube.

Step 3
 Finally apply the nozzle to the top of the developer creme applicator tightly.
Start shacking the mixture horizontally by rolling it in your hands.
(shaking vigorously can cause the mixture to raise to the top of the nozzle & explode out of the top when the tiny nozzle is removed)

Step 4
Twist off the tip of the applicator & squeeze the mixture into the brush until all the bristles are covered. 
Start the application by brushing the dye on to dry unwashed hair from the length down your hair you've decided 
 blend it accurately making sure you've covered both outer and inner sections of the hair.
Once you're happy with the amount of hair thats covered repeat it on the other side of your hair.
Once you've got the accuracy right on both sides, squeeze the excess in the bottle into the palms of your hands wearing gloves 
apply the mixture heavily & evenly to the ends.
I decided to leave a little of the dye left in the bottle in case of a second application.

After applying the mixture to the ends take the ends of your hair & tie them together at the font of your face below your chin.
(yes you do look very strange, but it makes it a little fun!)
pop your ends into a carrier bag whilst the dye develops.
(this gave me chance to wash all the dye off my skin.. ouch!)

(This just clearly is to make the dying a little more fun..)
You are advised to leave the dye on for 25 to 45 minutes.
I wasted this amount of time listening to a mixture of beyonce classics & blurred lines on repeat..

I decided to leave my dye on for the maximum recommended time of 45 minutes. I rinsed away the dye with warm water, before shampooing I wanted to be sure on the raised colour.
Unfortunately I wasn't overly thrilled with the colour that my hair had bleached up to. 
So I gave my locks a 15 min rest. 
(after all.. aint no rest for the blessed..)
Before tackling the dye again, this time because the bleach was already blended and was clear to see.
I added the mixture to the palms of my hands & slapped the dye on again for a further 
45 mins.
(Yes.. I'm surprised I have any hair left, guess this is the thick haired blessing..)
I washed away the dye this time properly & used the conditioner that came with the kit, which actually left my hair very soft.

after the second application I was very happy with the colour I ended up with.
it turned out surprisingly even, I did doubt myself & wondered if id manage to get all even.
Heres the finished look
on the following morning rocking my work uniform for you guys.
I was very happy with the colour and the height of ombre.


Was this kit easy to use?
Yes it was very easy to use the applicator brush made it simple to apply the dye evenly & accurately to both sides.

Would you recommend this?
Yes definitely, the key to using this product is having confidence in yourself & concentrating to make it even on both sides.. after that you're away!

Will you be rocking the ombre for the summer?