Sunday, 23 June 2013


After hearing that Riri was going to release her spin off of  MAC's Original lipstick shade 'Up The Amp' I was very excited to get my hands on this little treasure. Rihanna has released 3 Retro Matte lipsticks. Which is by far my favorite finish on the lips. Gives such a bold look, even though the formula is a little drying its nothing my little chap lip remedy can't sort out.

Up The Amp is definitely one of my favorite lipsticks to wear. I adore purple lipstick I think its so bold & enough people don't sway towards them as much as they should. I reckon you should chuck the pinks away this summer & autumn as purple is set to take the highstreet & catwalk by storm.

-The top swatch is Riri's RiriBoy.
-The bottom swatch is MAC's Up The Amp.

Although the two are almost identical shades, they're too very different finishes, the Up The Amp Amplified lippy has a high shine to it & is rich in nourishment when applied it wears off after a 2/3 hours & after eating. However the Retro Matte lippy is indestructible & can last all day even after eating. Its that tough it doesnt even transfer on to glasses. 
(My glasses/teacups are definitely always lipstick stained...oops!)
I definitely think for anyone that was itching to get their hands on MAC's Heroine lipstick that was released earlier on in the year in MAC's limited edition Fashionista Sets & you missed out on the must have shade. Then this is a perfect compromise, as it has a matte finish & more of a purple pigment than pink. RiriBoy & Up The Amp is great when you clash it out with a green liner or eye shadow. It really compliments the purple & enhances your eyes too no matter what colour eyes you have.

This is RiriBoy applied on the lips, it think even though everyones natural lip colouring is different this shade will definitely look purple on any tone. I am very pleased with the colour that Riri has created, I can see this being a new favorite shade for the summer. 

So is this colour worth having over Up The Amp?
Well luckily for me my Up The Amp has seen it's better days so I was due a refresh anyway. If you love Matte finishes then I'd definitely be keen to pick this up when it's released for the second time this year in MAC stores.

However if you cant wait till then...
Then definitely give Up The Amp a try its a great colour & has a great finish. However this does tend to look Pinker on some peoples lips than others thats the only flaw of the product.

(I have to stop taking selfies in my work clothes...)

This is me wearing Up the Amp as you can see even I get a pinker finish than when iv applied RiriBoy.
I have also purchased Riri's Heaux lipstick which hasnt yet arrived. This shade is a Retro Matte spin off of MAC's Rebel lipstick. Which I have just recently purchased this month, but I couldn't resist having this shade,  as iv fallen head over heels for Rebel.


Did you pick up any of the RiriLovesMac summer collection?

Will you be picking this up on the second release?

What do you reckon to the Riri collection, is it overrated?

Are you hooked on the hype?

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