Saturday, 15 June 2013

Summer Beach Waves

Getting sick of the typical hair style switch up between straight & curly?
Now is the time more than ever that big hair has come back into style, We've seen it all over the red carpet
Ladies the bigger, the better.. 
We've seen fohawks, quiffs, tight curls & big curls.

Well now it's summer.. 
(well allegedly it's summer..)  & theres nothing sexier than a beach wave look on a hot holiday. Team it up with a white cami & your favorite summer short shorts. 
However this is Britain so I often find myself going for this look in the hope we actually might get some sunshine.
(so far it's not happening.. but ill stay optimistic) 

I have a lot of hair, some people would think it's a blessing, I know id moan if I had fine hair but it takes me a ridiculously long time to wave my hair  with 3 barrel wavers
So I have a cheeky little cheat for all you thick haired ladies out there like myself. 
(shh.. it's our secret)

After washing my hair, I towel dry it off & whilst watching some trash on the tv
(usually coronation street)
I will part my hair into a middle parting, because thats where i usually have my hair parted 
unless I'm feeling spontaneous & fancy the side fringe!
I section my hair in half at either sides of my head & begin to tightly braid my hair into pigtail plaits.

I tend not to use a french braid as I find you get more volume when applying the wavers to the top of the head
This cheat works best if you do it before bed & sleep with damp braids in the morning untie the braids & you will have waved ends, simply apply the wavers to the top
you're good to go!

However if you have shorter hair or thinner hair. You can pop down to your local Superdrug, Boots or Argos and pick up a set of these amazing 3 barrel wavers!
They're usually reasonably priced of about £35.00 
(this look works on any length hair, I have medium long hair)

I use the babylissPRO waver. 

It's so cute, it's pretty in pink!

These are extremely easy to use, they reach a high heat of 25 degrees. 
(be careful, a burn from these are not nice & they're easy to get!)

The iron consists of 3 barrels which open with a handle 
(as shown above) 
You simply section your hair up into however thick or thin you want your waves & clamp the iron at the top of the hair close to the scalp
You then hold for a 10-15 seconds and release the iron.
Continue down the sectioned piece clamping each section individually 
untill you reach the end of the section. 
(sorry my hair is already waved above)
As you can tell this is quite a tedious way of styling your hair, which is why I always give myself a heads start with the wet pigtail braid trick.
once you've completed all that, you end up with this lovely relaxed wavy look.
This look is perfect for every day or a glamours night out on the town.

Will you be giving the summer waves a try this season?