Tuesday, 16 July 2013

'Blacktrack' Fluidline Liner

With the sun not being out yet. Im using this morning to actively blog a little post about a MAC product that iv recently picked up, if I'm honest I've actually no idea how I have managed years without this product!
Its well got me hooked, I shall be repurchasing this product time & time again, However it's set to last a good year atleast.

Just for a little blogging info, currently sat in the garden supporting my Chicago Bulls away kit jersey. Listening to #HolidayAnthems! This is a totally fabulous summer holiday sountrack, it's a new release CHECK IT OUT!!!!



I have been set using Collection 2000's "Fast Stroke" black eyeliner for years, for me this product is perfect for a first liquid liner, its got such an easy applicator, the brush is a sponge making it so easy to apply. You get an even thick black stroke when following the shape of your eyelid. Its brought to you by Boots Collection 2000

& you can pick up this product for a BARGAIN £2.99

This product is really long lasting, I found myself having to buy one of these every 4-5 months & I used the product everyday. 
(Cannot go a day without my cat eye black stroke liner look!)
The liner would last all day. I found it could sometimes need a second coat when its first applied to really get the deep bold black effect!
At this perfect price it's a great starting liner to see if you can really get the hang of applying & wearing liquid liner. I stuck to this liner for 4 years before splashing out on counter brand.

It was time to go wild & experiment with a counter brand liner, Id seen so many of these new "Gel" liners that come in a pot, which must be applied with a brush!
After numours chats with my fellow Beauty Guru from work Hannah Norton! 
(Big love to Han! an M&S beauty counter worker!)
She swayed me into popping down to my favorite counter ever... MAC
with the promise their 'FLUIDLINE' is amazing.

 Now I'm not a steady handed girl, in-fact I am extremely clumsy & didn't think I could manage a bristle brush, I thought id create a right dogs dinner out of it, BUT I was very surprised at how easy this applies! A little goes a long way with the product, use it sparingly, as long as I keep this sealed tight this baby should last AGES!
I am a sucker for black eyes, I love a good smokey eye or a completed blacked out eye, it gives a real sexy vibe & creates a mysterious look. So of course I picked this up in 'Black track' a deeply pigmented black. This beauty is £17.50
(MAC do offer this product in a range of colours see the website for more details!)
I am using a bog standard brush nothing too special, you can pick them up everywhere Superdrug, Boots, M&S beauty, topshop beauty & counter brands, prices ranging from £3.50-£20.00

I am using an a thin liner brush to follow the shape of my eyelid. I will just follow the natural shape of my eye, enhancing my eyes & eyelashes. I will then take the angled brush & created the perfectly fierce cat eye flick to give my liner a bit of flare!

Here is the product before applying mascara, the product doesn't run & it comes on easily and thickly. It glides smoothly across areas of the eyelid.
Is a swatch of the liner on my hand from the brush, so you can see how easy it is to get an even thick killer stroke from your brush!

I am head over heels in LOVE with this product, the brushes allow you to get both eyes perfectly even with such great ease, you don't need overly expensive brushes either. I grabbed mine for £4.00 each from boots! BARGAIN!
they give the same effect and finish as the high end MAC brush I was nearly talked into purchasing.


(PLEASE Excuse the cheeky bit of fringe covering my mascara there)


What's your must have liner?

Are you a liquid or pencil girl?

Is liquid liner eyes part of your everyday look?