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Brows that make you go WOW.

As one of the many unfortunate suffers of BAD brows, I have always suffered with my brows being over grown & out of shape. 
My dad naturally has really large thick brows, so luckily for me I inherited them & constantly am known for becoming slightly plucker happy with the t'ol tweezers. I was checking out my terrible brows on some of my recent photos, they had been drawn far too close in & far too thickly not giving a natural illusion. 
I took a trip down to the 'Brow Bar' at Debenmhams fancying getting my brows threaded which set me back a small fortune of £10.00 I really am surprised at how long lasting threading is, it lasts generally around 4-5 weeks. I do find threading quite painless, some people do think its unbearable, I just have a high pain threshold. However  there is one pet hate to threading I dislike the way you have to hold your eyelid, you cant lay back & relax, you have to co-operate with the plucker lady!

Even the brow lady said 
"Wow, your brows are in terrible condition, lets just reshape them & create a slight arch this time"

However, for my next brow pampering I am going to check out the hype of the 'Benefit Brow Bar
 I had been reading so many reviews on 'Benefits Browzing Kit' that I decided to pick this up & throw my eye pencil away! I picked up this kit for £23.00

The kit comes with a wax, powder, angled brush, flat brush & miniature tweezers, perfect brow DIY!

The wax is used first to create the shape of your brow, to darken the hairs of the brow, the powder is used to set the wax in place & to also fill in the brows where your hair is sparse!
By using the powder at the start of your brow its gives the natural light to dark illusion.

The left pallet holds the wax & the right pallet holds the powder. I have used this kit everyday since I purchased it back at the end of June & it's still holding out very strong
I know what you're thinking...
Why fill your brows in when you have blunt bangs covering them all day?
Well a gust of wind could expose my forehead & I wish for my brows to still look knockout!
(But at the moment my bangs are quite short & show my brows, so they cannot be over grown or untidy!)
This product will definitely last me the year, £23.00 a year sounds like a reasonable investment to me,
what do you reckon?

I adore this product, I honestly do not know how I have managed without Browzings before now! To me this product offers you all the illusion of HD brows without the 'high definition' price

Here it is.. 

As you can see there's nothing great about my natural brow, I always fill them in more to darken them than anything as I think they're a "funny brown" colour
(It's probably all in my head!)


The kit comes complete with 3 amazing tools.
Teeny Tweezers, perfect for plucking those stray hairs
(So there's NO excuse ladies!)

 'Hard angled brush' perfect for creating shape & definition with the wax!

Flat 'blending brush' perfect for applying the powder to the key areas!

Im going to show you how I use the Browzing Kit, so you can see the difference & hopefully have you itching to pop to your local counter & pick one of these amazing kits up!

Firstly I take the wax & apply a stroke at the thicker beginning of my brow at the bottom & top to define the shape & angle, I then begin to fill the rest of the brow from the defined sections out towards my hair line. I also elongate the ends of my brow ever so slightly just for a longer more arched brow!

As you can see the tip of my brow closest to my nose is still not filled in, this is the more sparse area of my brow. I have struggled for years trying to get these areas more fuller but for some reason they just wont grow! This is why the powder is my life saver!
Firstly I apply the powder to the half of my brow that has been defined by wax, to really set the wax in place & add slightly more colouring.
After that I take the powder and lightly fill in the sparse area, giving the natural light to dark illusion & setting the shape of my brow.

Brow shape can make an amazing difference to peoples face, after all our brows hold the key to all our mysterious expressions!
Lately I have been choosing to have quite a square shaped brow.
I feel confident with this brow, I like the look it gives me & I think it suits my face shape..
(I could be very wrong!)

The brushes make it SO easy to get even brows, they're rarely mismatch which is perfect for when you're in the morning rush! I simply feel naked without brows on, I think its become such a high demand trend that 90% of us would feel naked without our wowing brows!

I picked up this kit in Dark I know it comes in a Lighter tone for you fair haired princesses!
There is some brilliant drug store dupes as well!
Sleek brought to you by Boots do a brow kit with wax & powder for around £8.00
I would have picked that up, but it was out of stock, who knows when this runs out,  I may give it a whirl!

Id love to know if any of you have given Sleek a go?


Brows parted fringe

Brows with full bangs!

What's your must have eyebrow tool?

Threading, plucking or waxing, which one makes the cut?

Is browzings worth it?

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