Thursday, 11 July 2013

1 Month Blog Anniversary!

Make-upxcity is sharing its first month of blogging. 
Lets take a look back at June...
I bit the bullet & decided to send this beauty live on 11th June 2013.
With my very first post being about my homegrown on the move 'Chap Lip Remedy' including products from LUSH & BURTS BEES.
I then begin to showcase my love for MAC lipsticks & how I truly am a lipstick fanatic. 
I continuously post about lipsticks that have me hot under the collar this summer.
with the ALL ABOUT ORANGE collection storming way ahead this season. 
Speaking of lipsticks, I shared my secret to creating the RiriWoo look with Rubywoo. As we all know they are an almost dupe double of eachother.
Along with my purchase of RiriBoy, I still prefer Up The Amp
(Maybe, I am set in my ways!)
However.. Myself & MAC are having some relationship issues, due to them charging me for Heaux lipstick & never sending me it.... BUT never the less I did grab the entire FASHIONISTA SET!
deciding to share my endless purchases of BARGAIN pieces, like my Boots Cosmetic MUST HAVES.
& my gorgeous 'Mango' white studded bag, perfecto' for summer!
Falling for the entire Barry M Gelly collection, My loves still going strong!!.
Sharing my gorgeous 60's style dress, due to heat wave I have had chance to wear this beauty, it's quite a thick one. Will look amazing in winter dressed casual with thick black tights & converse.
(Swear by my converse shoes 365 days a year!)
We have covered ombre & how easy it is to use the Loreal 'Wild Ombre' kit step by step photos & instructions of how to apply in the easy way for an even effect 
(PLEASE see my post!)
Dying my hair this colour was a great experiment & created the perfect look.
After about 4 months of wanting a 'Full Fringe' aka.. 'BANGS!'
I decided to bite the bullet the more I saw them on celebrities or on members of the public, I couldn't be without one any longer... I had gave into temptation!
& NOW 
Iv gone back to black....
well ALMOST. having felt like I had far too much going on with the ombre bangs combo. One had to go, the ombre just didn't make the cut. 
With endless jokes at work with how much I now resemble 'Rachel Berry' aka.. 'Lea Michelle' having supported the fringe look.. it was here to stay.. for a month or so at least...

I am absolutely loving watching my blog grow, its grown more than I could have ever imagined in this short period of time, Every time anyone views or stumbles across my blog, I am ever so grateful
I really have taken writing this blog in my stride & although at the moment I am crazy busy with work. I will still definitely find time to blog about my must haves, bargains, cosmetics, hairstyles & life. 
Thanks for reading & for the great feedback iv received means a-lot ..


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